About me

Oh no...

am I really going to write something about myself? I hate it! But it's "about me" page, right?

Let it be...

About me

Hi there! I'm stevko.sk, a young SysAdmin at the beginning of my career, with aspiration to become a pentester. I'm from poland, the country I love for ubiquitous irony and sarcasm. Besides hobby, which is IT and InfoSec in general, I am also interested in psychology, I like to draw and watch series.


Server: @about-it.eu


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##delay=[100]## Hello! :]


...ok, I think I did it. It was not that bad, at all! Finally' it's time to write something about this blog.

About blog

To be honest, I do not have great blogger skills and I really don't care about learning "how to write perfect blog and become famous & rich" - that was not my point, when I created this website. I just wanted to have my own place on the Internet, which I can treat as a kind of notepad. Yeah, I created this blog for documenting cool and usefull things that I am currently learning about. That's all! Most probably (I am not sure, if someday I won't change mind, or post when I'm drunk) you won't find here any kind of marketing bullshit, or funny pictures with sweet kitties walking on the rainbow... maybe sometimes I will post a picture of pink unicorn, but nothing more. This blog was created to post only tech-related articles and info. So... enjoy!